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Hill Walking and Scrambling


For many, the first encounter with the UK mountain environment is usually through D of E, the Scouts, Guides or School trip etc... For some this may be the start of a life-long passion with the outdoors.

A classic day in the mountains with us will help you to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable you to realise this passion on a more regular basis.

In spite of the available advanced forecasting systems, the maritime climate of the UK makes it one of the most variable weather systems in the world. Four seasons in one day are not uncommon even in the summer.

So why use a qualified mountain guide, and why use us?

· Being members of a professional association the MLTA affiliated to the BMC, we recognise a Duty of Care and Code of Conduct at all times

· We are familiar with the terrain, we can adapt to any eventuality on the spot as it arises.

· Any route can be tailored to suit the abilities of the party

· Although it’s a guided walk, individuals will be encouraged to take the lead developing their navigation skills

· Your navigation techniques will be developed

· Introduction to forecasting mountain weather

· At all points during the day you will be aware of ‘perceived danger’ and how to minimise risk.

· rope & mountain safety skills demonstrated

· All leaders hold a current First Aid Certificate and carry a First Aid kit.

· Mountain (Group) shelter carried

· It’s not a race, we’ll match the pace and distance to your needs
· You will be encouraged to take every opportunity to improve your skills (we’re nice people)

Definition of a ‘Quality Mountain Day’ from MLTE Handbook

In terms of experience, the quality of a mountain day lies in such things as the conditions experienced both overhead and underfoot, the exploration of new areas, the terrain covered and the physical and mental challenge. Such days make a positive contribution towards a person's development and maturity as an all round mountaineer. Usually some or all of the following criteria would be fulfilled:

• the individual takes part in the planning and leadership.

• navigation skills are required away from marked paths.

• knowledge is increased and skills practised.

• attention is paid to safety.

• adverse conditions may be encountered.

• ascent of a substantial peak would normally be included in the day.

Examples of Classic mountain walks:

North Wales

· Classic Snowdon Horseshoe via Crib Goch & Lliwedd

· Moel Siabod circular via Daear Ddu ridge, return Royal Forest or NE Ridge. A great day on the wild quiet side of Siabod, plenty of opportunity to tackle a few little scrambles

· The Carneddau circular via Pen yr Ole Wen East Ridge. Taking in Carnedd Dafydd & Llewelyn descending via Bwlch Eryl Farchog and Y Braich

· Y Garn via NE Ridge above Cwm Clyd. Taking in Foel-Goch, Elidir Fawr, Carnedd y Filiast, return via Foel-Goch and Y Llymllwyd

· The Nantle Ridge

· Glyderau traverse option for Bristly Ridge or Y Gribin

· Moel Hebog via Beddgelert and Y Grisiau

Mid Wales

· Cader Idris via Minnfford or Fox’s Path


· Helvelyn via Striding Edge and Swiral Edge

· Great Gable via Green Gable

· Scafell Pike via Corridor route

· Bowfell & Crinkle Crags

· Langdale Pikes circuit

Mountain Photography

The one contributing factor that so often defines best mountain photographs you have ever seen is ‘Being in the right place at the right time....’ Made easier if you have the skills to get you to the right place in the first place. If you are an enthusiastic amateur or professional photographer who needs to get those shots then we can help. Being keen photographers ourselves we understand how much effort it takes to achieve those awe inspiring images.

We offer our guiding services to:

· Professional location photographers

· Amateur individuals

· Photographic clubs and societies

· Wildlife an Nature Clubs

Best times of the day

Early morning and late evening, this can mean setting off before dawn or descending in the dark, un nerving for those with inexperience of the mountains.


Sounds obvious but quite often the summit is not necessarily the best place to take the picture. We know where some of the best views in the UK can be realised from.

Any ‘photography day’ will be tailored to maximise your chances of achieving those classic shots. Often this will mean that you are off the normal tourist routes


No such thing as bad weather for mountain photography, the weather is fifty percent of the picture. Remember that epic moment when you have been walking in cloud for an hour and suddenly it breaks. The weather brings drama.