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In this day and age the ability to take and explore risk and personal responsibility has been greatly diminished. At Love Rock we aim to give members of your team an experience where they re-discover the confidence of taking personal responsibility and the enthusiasm of working as a team.


At Love Rock we have a team of experienced Instructors and Coaches. Through tasks with an experienced Psychotherapist your group will explore their personal limitations. They will discover how to improve communication within teams and through self - awareness exercises discover how they impact on those they work with.


Love Rock is a team of innovators who have a passion for enabling others to discover and realise the potential within. Our instructors all have personal experience of being managers whether in the private, public or charity sector. We feel this gives our clients an advantage as we can Taylor courses to your personal business needs.


As dedicated professional we believe in “challenge by choice”, each person has the right to choose how much or how little they are involved in an activity and are personally responsible for how much they challenge themselves. Instructors are non judgemental




Enable individuals we come in contact with to discover something new about themselves and the environment we inhabit. Through exploration and challenge to realize potential within themselves and to channel this in a fruitful way in all areas of their lives




Love Rock offers a two-day experience. The first day will comprise of classroom-based tasks. Participants will:


·         Explore the barriers to successful communication.


·         Through self – awareness exercises discover personal limitations


·         Realise how personal and team dynamics affect outcomes.



The Second Day will comprise of:




·         Self and special awareness exercise.


·         Understanding  your fears


·         Bouldering; low level


·         Top rope climbing; High level




Hill Walking


·         Self and special awareness exercise.


·         Understanding  your fears


·         Hill walk with the aim of reaching the summit and decending a hill or mountain




We aim to help take away the hassle involved with both employing us and having your staff meet turn up.


We are fully ensured as instructors and send you a copy of the same closer to the time of the event.


We believe the best way of having all participants pay attention is by taking them away from the office. We can organise function room bookings local to your offices, or even at a local climbing wall, where we can give you a feel of climbing in anticipation for the following day.


Food and refreshments can be provided by us for both days with a menu to suit your dietary needs.


To ensure everyone meets at both days, on time a rearing to go, we can also organise coach transport to and from your offices.




Love Rocks is a people based organisation. We do best when we can meet you face to face and discuss your requirements and explore any questions you have. To meet with a Love Rock instructor: - 07980895383